Grand Prize

Label: Machina Muerte
Release Date: Dec-14-2010

1. The Shapes In Space
2. Build Lights
3. Tanks On Empty
4. Searching (Feat. Awol One)
5. Adam's Apple (Feat. Nadia Nair & Shuanise)
6. This Is A Posse Track Pt. 1 (Feat. Alex Pathetic, Awkward, Dezmatic, Open Mike Eagle, Stepchild, & Matt Gamin)
7. Advice (Feat. Open Mike Eagle)
8. High Entry
9. Middlemen Of A Higher Power (Feat. Rheteric Ramirez)
10. Rare Form (Feat. Isaiah Toothtaker)
11. The Segment (Feat. Age and Rogue)
12. For Conversations Sake (Feat. Megabusive)
13. Serious Sentences (Feat. Snagneto, CoMo, & Stepchild)
14. Stretched Animal Skin Drum Ten (Feat. Dee Swift)
15. Kings With Roastlonely

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