Non Ultra Joy
Dissatisfaction - EP

Label: Noise City Sound Recordings
Release Date: Nov-16-2010

Non Ultra Joy, the product of intensive, beer-soaked jam sessions by LA rock veterans John Girgus, Chris McRitchie and Dave McKay, who aim to get at the essence of the So CaL experience with a sound like the wind in your slicked back hair while flying up the PCH in a Trans-am convertible. Their EP, Dissatisfaction, is a smooth distillation of greasy distorted guitars, moody and sarcastic lyrics and a dreamy loping backbeat that goes down like summer lemonade spiked with Jack Daniels.

From the irony laden, stealthy middle-finger rock anthem "Pushing the Brand", to the insouciant post-break-up free fall of "Still Waiting", Dissatisfaction is a banner for the tortured, bored, lazy, hazy, stoned disenchantment of an adolescence spent in the greater Los Angeles area. The jewel of the EP, the gorgeous "Hold On", harnesses the teenage loner mystique, evoking a sense of darkness and hopeless yearning for a forbidden crush. Imagine Laura Palmer on the back of a motorcycle driven by Chris Isaac through the pines of Big Sur. Romance on ice. Sex in the Woods.

Dissatisfaction brings into sharp focus that feeling you get in free-fall, the comfort in knowing it's all out of your control, and that now anything is truly possible.

1. Pushing The Brand
2. Another Day
3. Hold On
4. Still Waiting

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