Grey Crow

Label: Legendary Music
Release Date: Nov-09-2010

17 Tracks w/ production handled by Eligh, Elusive, and Starkey. Featuring, Brother Ali, The Grouch, Aesop Rock, Luckyiam, Zumbi of Zion I, Scarub, Pigeon John, Ellay Khule, Basik, and more.

1. Sad Of Eye (Intro)
2. Angel Of Death
3. Soul On The Road
4. Love Ov My Life (Ft. Luckyiam)
5. Find Yourself
6. When I'm A Dad
7. Wish I Would (Ft. Inspired Flight)
8. Miss Busdriver (Rachel)
9. Shine (Ft. The Grouch & K-Flay)
10. Stuck With You (Ft. Aesop Rock)
11. Desire (Ft. Inspired Flight)
12. Skitzo (Ft. Ellay Khule & Basik)
13. Whirlwind (Ft. Pigeon John)
14. Wake Up! (Ft. Brother Ali)
15. Beneath The Sea (Ft. Zumbi of Zion I & Scarub)
16. Maybe So
17. Suffocate (Ft. Marty James)

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