Mexicans with Guns & Robot Koch
Friends of Friends Volume 3

Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Oct-05-2010

Known by day as Exponential Records jefe Ernest Gonzales, Mexicans With Guns blows his blend of laser-lit dubstep and breakbeat through the heavy air of his native San Antonio until it s covered in sweat.

His counterpart is Berlin s Robot Koch, who rolls out his geographically resistant take on club ready dubstep on the flip. Also recognizable for his role in dubstep trio Jahcoozi (BPitch Control) as well as post-rock project The Tape, here Koch brings the same wobbly synths that dominated his recent solo LP Death Star Droid.

With such an unbelievable collection of talent assuming the remixing duties on Vol. 3, let s just say we feel fortunate to have friends who have such talented friends: Free the Robots, Lunice, Mux Mool, Salva, Alex B, and King Cannibal.

1. Icaros
2. Sell Your Soul ft. Tiffany Peterson
3. Obsidian
4. Dough ft. Addiquit
5. Devil Drums
6. Overnight ft. Jahcoozi
7. Icaros (Free The Robots Remix)
8. Sell Your Soul ft. Tiffany Preston (Lunice Remix)
9. Obsidian (Mux Mool Remix)
10. Dough ft. Addiquit (Salva Remix)
11. Devil Drums (Alex B Remix)
12. Overnight ft. Jahcoozi (King Cannibal Remix)

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