Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Aug-17-2010

Leaving Records continues to roll out its impressively deep and artistically boundless parade of left field gems for 2010. After releases by Dem Hunger, Ras G, and Oscar McClure, Leaving Records is proud to announce A D W A, the debut release by yuk. An album teeming with lush mysteries and dark allure, A D W A explores the misty juncture of beat and melody like a heart-of-darkness jungle cruise. Pairing warm textures with hypnotizing rhythms, yuk.'s aural story is something both enticing and demanding of return listens.

1. adwatxchr
2. emilia reflection
3. oh shaman
4. adept-ation for Dev [MP3]
5. greenflash(ritual)
6. ofwildermesstheme
7. Iris Dahlia
8. Sunday rehike for MD
9. reachinghigher
10. bigbright h i g h
11. onlywhenshesmiles (featuring Teebs)
12. shining

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