Ras G
El-Aylien Part 1

Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Apr-27-2010

Introducing part one in a two-part 2010 Leaving Records combination from Los Angeles-based producer Ras G. Undoubtedly focused and expansive, El-Aylien Part 1 is a sonic exhibit in cosmic explorations, collage and rhythm. The EP, to be released on both cassette and digital-format, features remix contributions from Los Angeles' dak, and GB.

"Ras may be mentioned in the same breath as a bunch of other L.A. beatmakers, but doing so does him little-to-no justice. He churns out beats, sure, but his meditations run deeper. Collages of recycled sound bleed in and out of the mix, snaking around drum snaps, flowing magma-thick downhill from the source. The initial experience erodes softer portions of the ear, each listen piling atop the previous listen, which has solidified slightly and clung to the hardened remains of the listen before that and the listen before that." - friendshipbracelet.us

1. Discipline09-1
2. Discipline09-2
3. Discipline09-3
4. Discipline09-4
5. dak leaver mix
6. Discipline09-2 (GB Remix)

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