Nothing Else

Label: Brainfeeder
Release Date: Jun-08-2010

Nothing Else is the debut album by Lorn, the first release on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label since the monumental release of Cosmogramma. With his futuristic and forward-thinking imprint, Flying Lotus aims to bring together his extended family of avant-garde musicians in order to encourage and nurture the growing constructo-creative L.A. attitude. Lorn's Nothing Else, a work pounding in its own regard, is more than up to fill this heavy order.

An epic, melancholic and brutal affair, Nothing Else is a rewarding listen. From the fairground dramatics of "None An Island" and military momentum of "Army of Fear," to the discombobulated atmospherics of "Bretagne" and the off-centre melodic catchiness of "Cherry Moon," this is a record which feels like it's been hewn from stone. Taken as a whole, Nothing Else is a raw, emotional, angry, beautiful and real album. A remarkable, transcendent achievement with the FlyLo stamp-of-approval.

1. Grandfather
2. None an Island
3. Army of Fear
4. Bretagne
5. Automaton
6. Void I
7. Void II
8. Tomorrow
9. Glass & Silver
10. Cherry Moon
11. Greatest Silence
12. What's the Use

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