Dem Hunger
Caveman Smack

Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Feb-23-2010

Finally accommodating a home for the eccentric nomad of the blogosphere, Leaving records presents the debut album by Dem Hunger, Caveman Smack. In the recent past, Dem Hunger has been featured on Gorrilla VS Bear, Friendship Bracelet, and Astro Nautico blogs. He has also collaborated with future Leaving cosmonaut RUN DMT.

The songs fester with found sounds and digital beats crackling through light years of space dust. Its a dizzying collage of circus madness, scratchy grooves, and nightmarish boogie, constructed meticulously in the inner lairs of this London producer's beat den.

Its Madlib beats bubbling up from a oozing volcano, its Dilla ambiance for a nuclear winter, or from the mouth of Dem Hunger himself (or maybe from his surrogate mouth of Shelley Duvall) its "CARD SHUFFLE ENERGY AND ULTRA PISSED UP HEAT." A ride not to be missed and certainly one not soon forgotten.

1. Rainwater Tea
2. Nah Teeth
3. Fried Squid
4. Mosque Vibrations
5. Electric Sh*thole [MP3]
6. Zebra Skull Make From Snack
7. Horse Stomach

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