Ernest Gonzales
Been Meaning To Tell You

Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Feb-09-2010

Ernest Gonzales is a San Antonio-based composer. His newest release, Been Meaning To Tell You, offers 13 eclectic electronic conceptions. Although he is the "Lone Star" on this album, it has been released on the Friends of Friends label.

Been Meaning To Tell You is an album of raw emotion interpreted into sound and stands as a testament to Ernest's wife, Devyn. The album contains soundscapes sculpted from his diverse musical palate, resulting in a fusion of hip-hop, electro, indie, psych rock, pop and more. From walking on a snowy sidewalk to walking down the pipe and jumping for coins as Mario, Ernest Gonzales has whipped up a 13 course meal for the ears, the eyes, and the mind.

1. Dancing in the Snow
2. Falling Asleep To The Glow of the Television
3. Self Awakening
4. We Can Live In The Forest
5. Opening A Lost Sacred Door
6. Psychedelic Bellhop
7. Etchasketch Trees
8. Emerald Nova
9. Purple Heart
10. Untitled Love Song
11. I'm Here You're There
12. When You Are Lost I Will Find You
13. Upon The 49th Day

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