Larytta & Bauchamp
Friends of Friends Volume 2

Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Jan-01-2010

The icy landscape of Switzerland is probably the last place where one would expect to find island-inspired music. Yet those assumptions are proven wrong with this 12 track EP, the second release for the imprint Fof Music. Label don Daedelus chose Swiss band Larytta to start out this compilation. And in keeping with the label idea, Larytta chose their friends, a band named Bauchamp to complete the record.

Larytta makes their love for the calypso sound instantaneously known on every track they contributed. One track of highlight was Promises. It is a multilayered making combining guitar samples, simple verses and much more.

Bauchamp brings a more uptempo tech feel to the table. One song of note is their track Calypso, which features steel pan hits and beach sounds along with other beats that make for pleasant listening.

As with the earlier release, this EP also features high profile remixes. The Otic Angst remix of the Larytta song Play Me Loud is a stand-out track. Otic Angst, armed with infectious drum patterns, transforms the song into an electro house banger.

Sequels often fail to impress, yet this follow-up delivers on all levels. This EP is bound to get your feet moving to sounds of the tropics.

1. You Got Nothing
2. Promises
3. Play Me Loud (Futuro)
4. Calypso
5. Tchumu
6. Sex on the First Date
7. You Got Nothing (Lazer Sword Remix)
8. Promises (Hecuba Remix)
9. Promises (gregorythyme Remix)
10. Play Me Loud (Futuro) (Otic Angst Remix)
11. Play Me Loud (Futuro) (The Chap Remix)
12. Calypso (Soldia Sound System Remix feat. Tsunami)

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