Magic Heart Genies
Cardiac Arrest

Label: M9 Recordings
Release Date: Jan-26-2010

The "Heartifact" saga continues with Cardiac Arrest, a new release from M9 Recordings. Myka 9, DJ Drez, and JtheSarge take you on another journey into conceptual Hip Hop with 22 fresh tracks. Production by Fat Jack, Dj Drez, Tape Mastah Steph, BSmash, Allen Pettsinger and more.

1. The Saga Continues
2. You Were Warned
3. Let's Get It
4. Get Down High
5. Dr. Wesley's Press Release
6. Take Em Down
7. Designated Driver
8. Use Your Head
9. Quadrangle
10. Snake Charm
11. Yogasanas
12. Dr. Wesley's Discovery
13. Cardiac Arrest
14. Good Look
15. Dream Catcher
16. Genre Bending
17. We Live, We Die...
18. Closer
19. Hands of Time
20. MHG Recovery
21. What Evs
22. Get Down High (Remix)

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