Ernest Gonzales
Self Awakening - EP

Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Oct-20-2009

The Self Awakening EP, meant to be a lead-up to the full-length release Been Meaning To Tell You, gives only a glimpse of Ernest Gonzales' true potential and stirs up the appetite for the full-length feast to come.

Self Awakening, the title track, offers a fuzzy, glitchy Nintendo background to a simple, yet beautiful guitar sample. That eventually gives way to rising action and leads the song into delicious double-hitting delirium.

While only featuring two new original tracks, the rest of the release features high profile remixes. A highlight is the Mexicans with Guns remix of previously released track I'm Here You're There. What starts out as a techno inspired beat mutates into Hip Hop heaviness, providing just the right amount of glitch and wonky for any musical palate.

While Self Awakening was meant to be merely a preview, it has proven to be enough to be its own meal. 7 delicious treats are on deck for people of any musical taste.

1. Self Awakening
2. Self Awakening (Faunts Remix)
3. Self Awakening (Take Cover)
4. Upon the 19th Day (Cyne Cover)
5. We Can Live in the Forest
6. I'm Here You're There (Mexicans with Guns Cover)
7. Etchasketch Trees (Yppah Cover)

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