Spanky Wilson
The Westbound Years

Label: Westbound Records Inc.
Release Date: Sep-22-2009

Everything that could be dug up from Spanky Wilson's mid-'70s stint at Westbound Records is on this 18-track compilation, including all ten tracks from her 1975 Specialty of the House LP; two cuts that surfaced many years later on CD compilations; and six previously unreleased items retrieved from the vaults. It adds up to a respectable, collection of material by a versatile singer whose jazz-pop leanings are evident in some of the tunes and performances, yet who is comfortable with numbers that call for more standard soul-funk stylings. For the most part, the best cuts are actually those that depart a little from the mainstream soul format, like a satisfyingly funky take on Bill Withers' "Kissing My Love" and a chance to revisit her somewhat jazz-poppier origins on "Home." Some of the cuts not released at the time gave her opportunities to try out some unexpected material, like her earthy take on Harlan Howard's "He Called Me Baby" and her cover of Lesley Duncan's "Love Song" (made more famous by Elton John).

1. Kissing My Love
2. Shake Your Head
3. CanÕt See the Forest for the Trees
4. IÕll Stake My Life On You Boy
5. Non-stop Flight
6. He Called Me Baby
7. Specialty of the House
8. Easy Lover
9. Will Power
10. Spend the Night With Me
11. The Downer I Get
12. Missing Pieces
13. I Had a Talk With My Man
14. Home
15. I Think IÕm Gonna Cry
16. Standing Room Only
17. Love Song
18. The Chokin' Kind

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