Various Artists
The Westbound Sound of Detroit

Label: Westbound Records Inc.
Release Date: Sep-22-2009

1. Gonna Spread the News
2. Yes IÕm In Love
3. Does He Treat You Better
4. Mommy & Daddy
5. Old Fashioned Woman
6. Lonely In a Crowd
7. I DonÕt Know How (To Say I Love You) DonÕt Walk Away
8. Things Are Looking Up
9. Rosetta Stone
10. ThatÕs All I Got
11. If You Need Me Call Me (And IÕll Come Running)
12. IÕm Falling In Love (I Feel Good All Over)
13. WhatÕs It All About
14. Happy Days
15. EverythingÕs Gonna Be Alright
16. IÕve Changed
17. IÕll Make It Up To You
18. Trying Real Hard (To Make the Grade)
19. I DonÕt What What It Is, But It Sho Is Funky
20. I Find Myself Falling In Love With You
21. What Am I Gonna Do
22. IÕm Loving You, YouÕre Leaving Me
23. I Love You
24. My Baby AinÕt No Play Thing
25. When IÕm Back On My Feet

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