Label: Legendary Music
Release Date: Apr-24-2001

Living Legends member and 1/3rd of 3 Melancholy Gypsies, Scarub has worked his way up to the op of this underground Hip Hop game. Now from the mountaintop he plans on being Heavenbound, transcending today's problems and pushing positivity to the masses. With deep beats and even deeper lyrics, Scarub brings a thought provoking look at life's larger picture.

Complications, track 15, is one of the most introspective and thoughtful creations on the album. Spread over a slower piano sample and a drum line based off of the kick drum, Scarub digresses into his recurring insecurities and views on life. The song is anchored by a melancholy refrain. Part of it reads, "It's all too complicated./The things I want are overrated./What I've achieved is understated./All I get is aggravated."

Some believe that today's music world is filled with too much negativity, brainwashing the masses into thinking worse thoughts. Scarub is the hero who has come to save the day. By thinking transcendentally, he gives a real view on the things. For our benefit, he has arrived on the scene to build, yet is leaving a path of destroyed beats.

1. Filling Space
2. Savvy Traveler
3. Colorful Thoughts
4. Our Lives
5. One Love
6. Audio
7. Live and Direct / Oxydizing Agents
8. Guessing Game
9. Yo
10. Good Times
11. L.I.F.E. / For What It's Worth
12. Yap Attack
13. Shadows
14. Bathroom Break
15. Complications
16. Traffic Violations
17. Wishful Thinking
18. Heavenbound

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