Mystik Journeymen

Label: Legendary Music
Release Date: May-28-2002

The Mystik Journeymen return to grace the game with another release. Magic pushes the envelope further, allowing random audio samples to slash the record throughout combined with lyrical theses from out of this world. This 19 track release takes your mind on an aural journey, encompassing subject matter from all ends of the spectrum and most requiring replays to truly understand their references and complexities.

1. Magic (Ya Life's Ya Life)
2. Amnesia
3. Sweat (feat. The Grouch & Murs)
4. Moonprayer (It's All Love)
5. Jambalaya (feat. Me'Shell N'Degecello)
6. Sandman's Revenge
7. Setup (Running On Empty)
8. mmMmm (feat. The Grouch & Scarub)
9. Potion n9 (Beatdie Delite)
10. Luvjonz
11. CircaLate
12. Johnny Fame
13. Merlin's Ride
14. Charlette (Spiderman feat. Harry Osborn Remix)
15. Gods Hands
16. Truth (feat. The Marlboro Man)
17. Firewamps
18. Changeyaflow (feat. Bicasso)
19. Meditate

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