Living Legends
Almost Famous

Label: Legendary Music
Release Date: Nov-06-2007

The Living Legends has always been churning out quality records. Almost Famous is another lauded example of their work ethic and natural talent. For this 16 track release, The Grouch and Eligh handle the production, with one track being produced by Sunspot Jonz. Throughout the album, the members speak on a range of topics, including songs that provide social commentary and songs formed as battle raps.

One highlight song is That Looks Good, the third track on the album. Backed by a lush yet laid-back beat by Eligh, various members go in talking about how they have encountered deception throughout their lives. The Grouch brings up the questions in the chorus. He asks, "That looks good but what's on the inside?/What's on the other side?/What's on the flip?/Tell me what I get, is it all of what I see?/If I give you all of me then am I trippin?/Listen!". The song encompasses stories of deception by women, money, and drugs. Although the Living Legends have ascended to great heights due to their hard work, they still have the ability to provide views of life from the common man point-of-view.

Almost Famous represents another chapter in The Living Legends story of the rise to the top. With the amazing lyrical conceptions and chill beats that their collective is known for, Almost Famous is slated to be a Hip Hop classic.

1. Gotta Question For Ya
2. Night Prowler (feat. Slug)
3. That Looks Good
4. Black Glass
5. Rabbit Hole
6. Common Ground
7. Flawless
8. What Would I Be (feat. N8 the Great & Krush)
9. Anything You Want
10. Gift Wrap
11. War Games
12. Forces of Nature
13. Osaka Tales
14. Soap Boxin
15. Not Here (feat. Jo Wilkinson & Pep Love)
16. Nothing Less (feat. Slug)

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