Living Legends
Creative Differences

Label: Legendary Music
Release Date: Apr-06-2004

With 5 releases already under their belt as a group, it would seem daunting for the 8 man collective to bring more quality records to the table as a cohesive unit. But for The Living Legends there is much more left in the tank. As is evidenced by the first track on Creative Differences, they don't get along all of the time, but it's all out of love and friendship that they continue to make music and break the rules of today's Hip Hop game. Each member brings the fire to each verse, nothing new to California's underground Hip Hop scene. And while the production is anchored by The Grouch and Eligh, there are other tracks produced by Bicasso, Sunspot Jonz, and Scarub.

Damn It Feels Good is a highly recommended track. Track 6 on the album, it features The Grouch on production and Murs, The Grouch, Bicasso, Aesop, and Scarub on the lyrical tip. The song is one of positivity set to the a laid back beat. Murs exclaims, "If my song works your soul then that really means a lot/Help you thru a shitty spot/Ya'll all that I got and I know it's clichˇ/But your love and respect help me thru each day...And then reach out into the next plane/Hoping that my struggles and my efforts weren't in vain/Tryin' to bring about a change and fuck that I did/One of few rappers really speaking to these kids". Living Legends tracks have always encompassed a wide range of topics, but this track exemplifies their ability to speak and provide social commentary and positive vibes.

The Living Legends crew always stirs up hype with every new release. And after almost two decades together, Creative Differences exemplifies their ability to still bring high-quality beats and rhymes to the masses.

1. Creative Differences
2. Fill My Drink Up
3. Addicted
4. Time To Ride
5. Days Go By
6. Damn It Feels Good
7. Awakening
8. Get It In Your Soul
9. No Strings
10. It Might Be You
11. Real Slow The Fast Way
12. Whatizit?
13. How You Take It
14. Trust Me?
15. Friends are Calling
16. Hold Your Own
17. Aspirations

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