Living Legends
Crappy Old Sh*t

Label: Legendary Music
Release Date: Jan-23-2003

Living Legends kept the ball rolling, coming out with album after album while also finding time to work on their own small group or solo efforts. Crappy Old Sh*t is a compilation of tracks recorded in the late 90s. This album helped to further educate their rapidly expanding fan base. With youthful, raw voices flowing over Grouch, Eligh, and Sunspot Jonz beats, these concoctions serve as examples of their warm-up tracks before they, as a group, were firing on all cylinders.

Not many fans would know about The Living Legends in their earlier days. So to educate the masses, they released Crappy Old Sh*t, their collection of older songs never meant to see the light of day. These earlier incarnations have helped to create a true starting point for newer Living Legends fans and provide more back catalogue for older afficionados.

1. Here They Come (Intro)
2. Language Song
3. Logal Talent
4. Nowuno
5. Speed Bumps
6. Never Miss It
7. Murs Act a Fool!!!
8. Jealousy '97
9. Knowho.U.Are
10. Out of Your League
11. Billy Madison
12. Black Sands
13. Cliff Notes
14. Tom Bass
15. Go
16. Vital

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