For Rent

Label: Legendary Music
Release Date: Sep-25-2003

THis classic full length from Bicasso is made up of fourteen tracks laced with that dirtworkslumporiginaulius that Bicasso creates so well. For Rent spans the first three years of the millennium as a reflection of original Bicaso songs never heard until now. Guest appearances from T Root, CMA and Pep Love.

1. Intro
2. Madeit Ina Minute
3. Respect Yourself (Keep It All In Line)
4. Think 2wice
5. Skit
6. 4 Rent
7. Amazing People (feat. T Root)
8. All Aboard
9. Skit
10. Cryin' Game
11. Self Song
12. Get It 2gether (feat. CMA)
13. Able 2 See
14. Better With Time (feat. Pep Love)
15. I Think U R
16. Outro

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