Label: Greycrow Records
Release Date: Apr-05-2005

For this release, Eligh wanted to combine what made his beat tapes, created under the moniker Gandalf, and his other lyrical albums so great. Enigma contains instrumental tracks as well as tracks that he and other guests flow over. After all of his experience in the Hip Hop game it is now evident that he has come a long way from his beginnings. The beats are as bass-heavy as ever, each beat requiring a head-nod of approval. The rhymes are on point of course, with Eligh and special guests Murs and Scarub attacking the beats with calculated efficiency. Another solid release from a true Living Legend, Enigma demands a spot in any Hip Hop collection.

1. Magi
2. Crossroads
3. In Dreams
4. Why? (Just One of Those Things)
5. Devil Woman
6. Work
7. Dali Lama Lullaby
8. Who Else?
9. Life Dance (Feat. Jo Wilkinson)
10. 2 A _ _ _ _ A II
11. Every Morning
12. Youth
13. We Are a Strange Breed
14. Phil
15. On Your Feet (Soldier)
16. Traveling Matt
17. New Eyes
18. Desperation (Feat. Scarub & Murs)

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