Gandalf's Beat Machine

Label: Greycrow Records
Release Date: Nov-15-2000

Eligh may me more famous as a lyricist from the Living Legends crew, but from time to time he creates lush compositions and morphs into Gandalf. Throughout this release, Gandalf weaves experimental threads together, creating 16 incomparable tapestries of sound. With each song lasting at least 2 and a half minutes, Gandalf takes your ears through diverse soundscapes, adding layers and layers throughout like a wizard over a cauldron.

Jungles of City is one track of note. It utilizes a pipe sample over a beat with blips and bleeps all thrown in. The conception transforms the listener to the top of Machu Picchu, overlooking the lay of the land. But at the same time if provides a futuristic feel, with glitchy sounds sending one traversing through the cosmos.

Gandalf may bring pleasant surprises to those who have only heard more of the boom bap side to Living Legends. Here, the wizard casts spells that will have your mental state traveling and ear canals rattling.

1. The Crow
2. I Know Gandalf
3. ItŐs Simple
4. Melancholiest
5. Legendary Slump
6. A Plethra
7. Tundra Dome
8. My House
9. Traveler
10. Sandstone
11. GandalfŐs Staff
12. ItŐs Not What I Do
13. Jungles of City
14. I Can See Threw You
15. Idea Man

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