Eligh vs. DJ Fresh
Limited Edition Beat Battle

Label: Greycrow Records
Release Date: Sep-16-2008

Everyone's heard about battling, whether through dance, freestyle, or through turntablism. But beat battling is a concept not at the forefront of the scene. For any beat-head old or new, this beat battle is a great addition. Although it comes in at only 20 minutes, the beats that are presented blast the mind away. 2 different styles of producing come together on this record to clash, one-up the opposition, and unleash beats from the vault.

1. Intro
2. Saw (Eligh)
3. Joyride (DJ Fresh)
4. Mike Jack (Eligh)
5. Watchin' (DJ Fresh)
6. Gang Shit (Eligh)
7. DonÕt Mind (DJ Fresh)
8. Feeling (Eligh)
9. Missing (DJ Fresh)
10. Classic (Eligh)
11. Found a Reason (DJ Fresh)
12. Breeze (Eligh)
13. Stuck (DJ Fresh)
14. Bounce (Eligh)
15. Shady NateÕs Tetris (DJ Fresh)

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