Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique

Label: Keep The Feel Ent.
Release Date: Aug-26-2003

Abstract Rude stands as an example of longevity in the game. Having worked with other west coast luminaries, he has definitely established himself in today's finicky Hip Hop game. Many records later he has teamed up again with Tribe Unique to create Showtyme! This album contains the same elements that made all of their preview albums together so great. Showtyme! is a marriage of chill beats and calm, yet exact rhyme schemes. More high quality music coming out of Los Angeles. What more can you ask for?

1. It'z Showtyme
2. Stand and Delivery
3. All Day
4. Headcase
5. Before We Gone
6. Coolin'
7. What Tyme Iz It?
8. Showtyme Iz Now [skit]
9. Get Live (feat. Swollen Members)
10. A Predicament [skit]
11. In Nevada
12. Flow and Tell
13. She's Always Home
14. We Marin8n
15. Spread My Wings

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