Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique

Label: Keep The Feel Ent.
Release Date: Sep-18-2001

Abstract Rude's first full length release P.A.I.N.T. features amazing sounds and features many heavy hitters - Aceyalone, Freestyle Fellowship, Living Legends, Visionaries, Beat Junkies, Atmosphere, C.V.E., Da 5 Footaz, Moka Only, The Elephant Fatjack, Rob The Viking, Daddy Kev, Kenny Seagal.Personnel: Rob Crosby (guitar); Daddy Kev, Aaron Pointer, Eligh, 2Mex, B.J., LMNO, Self-Jupiter, Slug, Suga, and The Grouch.

1. Hey, This Must Be Deep!
2. Yep!
3. Full Time Job
4. Ab Live at the Good Life Cafe '93
5. Stop Biting
6. Heavyweights Round 4 (feat. Freestyle Fellowship, Ellay Khule, Volume 10, Busdriver & Medusa)
7. Birds of a Feather
8. Dawning of the A.G.E. (feat. The Grouch & Eligh)
9. Owls and Roosters
10. Frisbee (feat. Slug & Eyedea)
11. Killafornia to the Belly
12. Abstractrude Interlude
13. Brothers Forever
14. M-A-double S (feat. DK Toon, AWOL One & Smooth 7)
15. She’s Always Right (feat. Moka Only)
16. Sun Sets On Em
17. Family Affair
18. A Coat of Paint (Finale)

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