Myka 9
A Work In Progress

Label: M9 Recordings
Release Date: Jun-10-2003

In rap, the pioneers rarely get paid. Take Myka 9, one of the founders of hip-hop's canonical crews, Freestyle Fellowship. From their base at the Good Life Cafe, Myka and his mates drew the map for literate West Coast rap, blazing a trail to riches for groups like Jurassic 5. Unlike his former Fellowship colleague Aceyalone, who recently hit indie paydirt with the help of RJD2, Myka's had to make due without the help of the "hipsterati," producing an album with a distinctly DIY feel. While his music sounds like an exercise in minimalist anti-production, Myka's mic skills are on-point, as he floats sublimely above a didgeridoo sample on the psychedelic "Wartrybe" and spews an anti-industry screed on the micro-funky "This Ain't The Song." The rapper is defiant throughout, reveling in his sound's commercial anti-viability, like a preacher speaking only to the converted. Myka's not a missionary; he's a prophet.

1. Fanfare
2. Set You Free
3. Can We Smoke?
4. Picasso
5. Hibiscus Flower (A Tribute To Andy Bey)
6. D.N.B.N.M.
7. Wartnbe
8. Your Heart
9. XJ9
10. Protect The Children
11. This Ain't The Song
12. Life Is Hard
13. Pimp Gamble
14. One Dream
15. Hidden Agenda
16. Love Yourself
17. Welcome Home
18. Fry
19. Re-Construct
20. Bell Ringers

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