Myka 9
It's All Love

Label: M9 Recordings
Release Date: Apr-25-2001

Classic album from Freestyle Fellowship's Mikah Nine, includes the hits Rise & Shine, It's All Love, and American Nightmare. A must for any LA Underground Hip Hop fan.

1. Rise And Shine
2. Crack Life
3. It's All Love
4. Love Body
5. Let Go (Hos And Rogues)
6. Come Up Off Of My Love
7. Don't You Worry
8. Don't Start None
9. Chances Are
10. Pure Jewelry
11. Agoraphobia
12. American Nightmare
13. Never Cross
14. Safari Funk
15. Money Minute
16. Late Night Streets
17. Nobody's Child
18. On The Line
19. Outro

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