Android Porn / Steppin' Razor - Single

Label: Glitch Mob Unlimited
Release Date: Oct-24-2008

Without a doubt, "Android Porn" by Kraddy (founding member of The Glitch Mob) is an exceptional track and one of the true anthems for a kind of new music called "Glitch Hop". Upon its release, the original version grabbed the attention of producers and fans alike and immediately climbed both sales and dj charts. Kraddy is known worldwide for his distinctive style. His sets are a futuristic fusion of dubstep, hip hop, and dancehall - all laced with Kraddy's signature style of edits and remixes that make his sound so unique. Like the skaters and surfers from his home in Venice Beach, Kraddy will unapologetically blow your mind with his skill, style and his no prisoners attitude.

1. Android Porn
2. Steppin' Razor

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