The Grouch
Show You The World

Label: Simple Man Music
Release Date: Apr-08-2008

Show You The World is The Grouch's first full-length solo album since Crusader for Justice in 2002. The album contains 15 tracks with guest appearances from Raphael Saadiq, MURS, Mike Marshall, Abstract Rude, Marty James, and fellow Living Legends members Bicasso and Scarub.

1. Microphone Intro (feat. Rio Amor)
2. Watch Watch (feat. Mike Marshall)
3. Clones
4. Artsy
5. Favorite Folks
6. Yardwork
7. God Bless the Elephant (feat. Abstract Rude)
8. Show You The World (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
9. The Bay to LA (feat. MURS)
10. Mom & Pop Killer
11. Never Die
12. Shero
13. Bring It Back
14. Hot Air Balloons (feat. Bicasso & Scarub)
15. The Time (feat. Marty J)
16. Breath
17. Artsy (Video)

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