Carlos y Gaby
La Voz Sabia De Los Cosmos

Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: Oct-16-2007

La Voz Sabia De Los Cosmos is an expansive collaboration between producer/songwriter Carlos Nio and vocalist/keyboard player Gaby Hernandez. Having worked on albums together in a number of capacities (Ammoncontact, Build An Ark, The Life Force Trio), LVSDLC is an album of songs based on poetry and script notes that Nio had been writing and sending to Hernandez over the years. As the two started to work, they quickly realized they were conjuring up the soundtrack to a science-fiction fantasy film that existed in conversations and thoughts between them. As the creative, musical pieces of LVSDLC took shape, Nio and Hernandez got more in tune with the story, characters and landscape of the film. In addition to the above mentioned groups, Hernandez has collaborated with Sonar Kollektiv's Dimlite, From L.A. With Love's Take and sings regularly with an Afro-Cuban Folkloric group based in Los Angeles. Nio is the highly acclaimed founder and producer of the above mentioned groups and has produced albums for Dwight Trible, Mia Doi Todd, Hu Vibrational, Go: Organic Orchestra, The Sound Of L.A. and many others on progressive labels such as Ninja Tune, Soul Jazz, Eastern Developments, Plug Research, Kindred Spirits, Emperor Norton, and Alpha Pup.

1. Space Hammock (Awoken At Dawn By The Birds Of Andromeda)
2. Hot Heavy Heat (A Chase Theme)
3. Fantasia Del Corazon
4. La Voz Sabia De Los Cosmos
5. Happy Summer Solstice (I Love You, I Laugh You)
6. In The Whirl Emote (Through The Kaleidoscopic Veil)
7. June Flowers (Bright Dancing Heartlight)
8. Sugar Flowers (Ecstatic Transformation By Cornerstone Stimulation)
9. Universal Peace (Strung Between Stars Over A River Of Milk)
10. Forever Waterfalls (Love Will Find A Way)
11. Celestial Shores (A Midnight Bath With A Million Butterflies)
12. DNA Codes (Recipes For Love)
13. Space Hammock (Daedelus's Power Cosmic Reprise)

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