Existereo & Deeskee
Hopeless Crooks With Hopeless Books Instrumentals

Label: AVB
Release Date: Aug-14-2007

Two of LA's finest connect to make a heavily expansive and eclectic album. Deeskee has been twisting knobs for quite some time now, producing for handfuls of groups and MC's including 2Mex, The Shapeshifters, Josh Martinez, Tommy V, Neila and countless others. Existereo, has been around for a long time, MC'ing as a member in a number of groups including Shapeshifters, Overfiendz, WhyKnows and most recently Candy's .22. Together they have created an album that not only gives glimpses of their previous efforts, but also offers great insight into their musical taste. Instrumental version.

1. Hey Kid (Intro)
2. Have A Cigar
3. Cry Me A River
4. Sundials
5. I Was There
6. LA Is The Motherland
7. Demise
8. Custom Costumes
9. Roll With The Punches
10. All I Ever
11. Voodoo Soup
12. Teeth Of The Alligator
13. Wrong Song
14. Stealing The Best Of Me
15. Old Fashion Hard Livin'

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