The Rapstars - EP

Label: B.E.A.R.
Release Date: Oct-03-2006

Rock and rap have been related ever since Steven Tyler tore down Run-D.M.C.'s wall in the "Walk This Way" video. With exception of a fortunate few, most crossovers after that successful collaboration failed to succeed in either genre. The Roots got scolded for "Phrenology," Rage Against The Machine's Zack de La Rocha was booed off stage for wanting to be an MC, and Ice T's Body Count was entertaining, but also a wee bit scary. The attraction of combining rap and rock remains, though. It got the Californian twosome Lexicon to replace the MPC for a Gibson Les Paul on The Rapstars EP.

"Bangyahead" combines guitar with a hypnotizing harmonica sample and an off-beat drum rhythm they create more suspense than the two previous songs combined. They keep up that quality on the replay version of "Rock," the lead single on their second album. Although this cover version again leans heavily on snarling guitars, it has a lot more balls than the first two compositions. If Lexicon want to keep up their headbanger's composure, this is the style they should aim at. Oak and Nick's voices have more aggressiveness and more direction than can be heard on "Junk Food." The last song on this EP is a Subtitle remix of "Big Cars." It is amazing to hear how a well-made hip-hop beat can change the outlook of a song completely. Spacey synthesizer bleeps form sound patterns in a thumping beat atmosphere.

1. Bang Ya Head
2. Big Money
3. Junk Food
4. Rock (Live for 06, you suckas!)
5. Big Money (Subtitle's Gucci Stunner Shades and Bape Jacket Remix)

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