Nicky Click
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Label: Crunks Not Dead
Release Date: May-16-2006

Out of Olympia comes to you an artist's work filled with statements about the woman's position in society today. Nicky Click shows us the way the gears turn in her brain with her take-no-prisoners drone and flow. Snag this album if you seek tunes with insight on day-to-day ordeals.

1. Don't Call Me Baby
2. Contact Comfort
3. At Least I Tried
4. Two Femme Girls
5. Prot g
6. Entertain Me
7. Contact Comfort
8. You Make Me Smile
9. I Wanna Exercise
10. 123 Page Me
11. You're The Shit
12. European Flying
13. I Gotta Gal
14. Nickly Click and Hornet Leg
15. Don't Call Me Baby (Genuine Guy Remix)

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