Microscope Dragons
Microscope Dragons

Label: Crunks Not Dead
Release Date: Nov-01-2005

Science Fiction concept rap album. Good vs. Evil. Dragons vs. Corporations. Featuring members of Log Hog, Timezone La Fontaine, Scream Club, Compost, and Glimpse.

1. Eyes... Like Daggers, Like Knives
2. Now What's Today's Science?
3. Escape From Paid Survey
4. Payphone at the AM/PM
5. Men in Grey Suits
6. Nice to See You
7. pH Balanced for Ass Whuppin
8. Step Out Of The Car Please
9. Interlude
10. Konversatin In The Klink
11. Communication Skillz
12. Nanners for Manners
13. Over the Cascades
14. Medicine and More Medicine
15. Cold Cookin

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