Return to the Blackhole of Outerspace

Label: Crunks Not Dead
Release Date: Oct-11-2005

An intense journey beyond the farthest reaches of psychedelic hip-hop awaits you...The musical answer to a Hunter S. Thompson road trip into the dark side of the American psyche...with a brilliant and humanizing light at the end of the tunnel. A hip hop spegetti western, produced by Timezone LaFontaine, strange tales of extra terrestrial love affairs and cross country adventures.

1. Return
2. Sandpan's Delight
3. Pillowcases
4. Bragtalk 1
5. Highwayman
6. Tiny Spy Camera
7. Twice?!
8. Gateway Cock
9. Pony
10. Galahad
11. Bragtalk 2
12. Time is Running Out
13. Jihad
14. Cloudsplitter
15. Monday Morning
16. What's Wrong
17. Escape
18. [Silence]
19. Hidden Instrumental

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