Sol.illaquists of Sound
N B Tween Worlds

Label: Nonsense Records
Release Date: Sep-16-2003

N Btween Worlds is a collection of work produced by members of Sol.Illaquists of Sound from 2000 through 2004. Some of the songs are originals that were released for other projects such as Bull Ship, which appeared on Swamburger's "The Roots of Kin" album. Listen to Orlando to get a good idea of what Swam thinks of this Mickey Mouse town. This album also includes tracks you can't find anywhere else like Last Chance and Black and White. We also get a chance to look back into some of Alexandra(h)'s solo ventures with Mind Control and Words to Remember. This is a great way to get acquainted with the Sol.Illaquists and see some of the steps they've taken over the years.

1. Wake Up
2. i-e magine
3. ahbsolution
4. Orlando
5. Afrika (interlude)
6. egypt
7. Last Chance
8. moon light
9. Bull Ship
10. First Testament (revised)
11. Damn Booty pt.1
12. perspective
13. mind control
14. Property & Malt Liquor
15. Black and White
16. Slightly Elevated (Divinci remix)
17. words to remember
18. manifestum est [are you]

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