Unreleased Hits

Label: SonGodSuns Music
Release Date: Apr-01-2003

2Mex 15 previously unreleased tracks with production by Jel, Mums the Word, No Body, O.D. and Evidence. With special guests: Luckyiam, PSC (Living Legends), Iris Science (Dialated Peoples), Kombo, Kazi, LMNO, and Visi.

1. Diypartisan
2. The Summer Jam
3. Untitled
4. Six Shooters
5. Love Fights Back
6. Keeper of the Keys
7. Audible Angels
8. Kaos Network
9. Learn to Appreciate
10. 20X a Day
11. What Up
12. Wakeup Show
13. NME
14. Sun Chasers
15. Audible Angels (Remix)

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