B-Boys in Occupied Mexico

Label: SonGodSuns Music
Release Date: Oct-03-2000

2Mex and Xololanxinxo team up to give up some love to their home country. The tracks are upbeat and overs a variety of subjects from love, humility, art, and loss.

1. Ghost Writer
2. L.A. (Like…)
3. Percussion Percaution
4. Humble is the Style of the Day
5. Control Mexica
6. M is for Memo
7. Across & Down
8. Making Money Off God
9. Doctors, Drums and Danger
10. Offering
11. Wonderful Memories
12. Lord
13. I Didn't Mean to Touch Your Hand
14. Love You the Same
15. It Will
16. The Believe in Yourself Song
17. The Truth

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