AWOL One & Mike Nardone

Label: AVB
Release Date: Sep-10-2002

Finally out after much legal wrangling and red tape, the now rare and sought-after Speakerface finally sees the light of day. Produced in conjunction with underground LA beat maker Mike Nardone who did a little Beastie Boys tinkering a year or two back. Nineteen tracks deep with guests including Sole, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, 2mex, Circus and Jizzm. If you've been lucky enough to have picked up his limited releases so far then you'll know the style, gruffed lyrical styles on a downbeat tip but with enough dark humour and musical madness to keep your head noddin'. In these days of hip hop sound-alikes it's a pure breath of fresh air to hear Awol on top form.

1. Hello
2. I Guess
3. Sleepin' All Day
4. Eye Am (feat. Abstract Rude)
5. Galaxy
6. NME (feat. Kool Keith & 2Mex)
7. Kiss Yourself Destruction
8. Keep The Rats Movin'
9. MTV is the Bible
10. Smile of a Bruise
11. Dew Yew No (feat. Abstract Rude)
12. Klammy
13. The Ugly
14. Like a Bullett
15. Skye
16. Abortion Theme Song (feat. Aceyalone)
17. Party's Over
18. The Last Song
19. Goodbye

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