Four Eyed Mortalz

Label: AVB
Release Date: Mar-14-2000

DJ ESP & AWOL One's first album, Three Eyed Cowz Presents: Four Eyed Mortalz, was released on the independent label Broken Records in the summer of 2000. AWOL One is one of the most cutting-edge MCs from the Southern California hip-hop consortium the Shapeshifters, and he comes through on this album with some really groundbreaking lyricism. AWOL gives the listener something to ponder with the hook: "every song on the radio sounds alike." Listen to this album, but be prepared to be broken out of the steel cage know as mainstream hip-hop.

1. Patterns Instruments Dreams of Nightmares
2. Diablos y Brujas Instrumental
3. Perfect On Lies
4. The Real Underworld
5. Exaggerating MC and DJ
6. Permanent Paradise
7. Jode Loves Chachi's Graffiti
8. Gull Powa
9. Hammuhman
10. Freestyles Alike Twice Removed
11. Camera Shy Remixxx
12. Insanity is a Good Looking Creature
13. People Are / Everything
14. Weeds Are Bloomin
15. Hometown Heroes
16. Instrumentalities
17. 2:00 AM Live!
18. Ninetytwopointthree
19. Deep in the Lake

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