Peacez 2 Be & Instru.Frag.Mentalism

Label: Nonsense Records
Release Date: Feb-01-2005

DiVinci's beat album is truly a landmark effort, taking hip hop... hell, taking music to a next level, one where genres do not exist; one where the MPC is king. A collection of instrumental compositions, most tracks average between one and two minutes, resulting in a kaleidoscope of freeform styles and innovations. DiViNCi's production is remarkably diverse, and it takes a couple of listens to really grasp the depth of most of the tracks. Every track is good-- my favorites are 1 on One (listen for the basketball bounce); PreRequisite and the sneaky bassoon on Suummmfrrring. See also the glitched-out TribeGLitchMars, hard hitting HOR2, the reverse pulse of Platinum Jesus Resurrection, and the quiet creep of Gnat (Gnastie Mix). Jazz heads check out YourEVERYTHING. DiViNCi is right up in front blazing the trail with the likes of Prefuse 73, RJD2, and Andrew Broder.

1. in(novate!)tro
2. Push Beat
3. Chocolate
4. TribeGlitchMars
5. Mystic Journey
6. 1 on One
7. Drum and Face
8. Obstacle Alludsion
9. Swam's Favorite
10. Freedom Faucet
11. Chaka Bomb
12. FLDM
13. Gnat(Gnastie Mix)
15. Hor2
16. Platinum Jesus
17. Platinum Jesus Resurrection
18. Past? Future! Now
19. Granulater
20. Sentiment
21. POND Beat
22. the new nigger
23. Suummmfrrring w/ CW3
24. UHOG
25. PreRequisite
26. Ruff House
27. just Let me Know

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