Sol.illaquists of Sound
4 Student Counsol

Label: Nonsense Records
Release Date: Oct-09-2002

This is the album that started it all. Produced in only two weeks, it is truly remarkable. This album was not only Sol.Illaquists of Sound's introduction to the world, but also their introduction to each other. The Sol.Illaquists have been connected to each other ever since. Check out Collaborative Sol.o and hear Swamburger’s take on his new community. The Markit Place and 3 Sided Light will give you an idea of where these guys are speaking from and leave you wanting to do something. This album has many sides and colors. You would be selling yourself short to think that this is just another hip-hop crew.

1. Intro
2. Ka's Mos Dance
3. 2nd Nature
4. Collaborative Sol.o
6. R.Tology
7. Re.Create
8. The Mark It Place
9. 3 Sided Light
10. Tonya (IbeenunnaDown)
11. Connect.i.vitality
12. Heart of Knew
13. Damn Booty
15. S.P.A.C.E Away
16. Theory of Proven Threat
17. Motivate/Stop
18. Outro

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