Fragments Revisited

Label: LA2TheBay
Release Date: Aug-16-2005

Previously a show-only CD, this 10 track heater compiles some of Deeskee's work from different albums. Features Joe Dub, Maleko, Neila, Shapeshifters, Josh Martinez, Sole and more.

1. Bust This
2. Call Up
3. The Death Of Me
4. Rhyme Tyme (Deeskee Remix)
5. Sabado Gigante
6. Lust For The Stars
7. Goodbye Forever
8. Sunny Winter Day
9. In The Mix
10. (Sic)Muse
11. Meaningless Place
12. Purity of the Soul
13. White Lies
14. Hurry Up And Slow Down
15. Joy 2 The World
16. How Many MCs
17. Beyond the Jawn
18. Another Day, Another Night
19. Another Day, Another Night (Thavius Beck Remix)

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