Thavius Beck
Experience Experiments

Label: B.Y.A. Productions
Release Date: Mar-28-2000

Thavius Beck, like many of Los Angeles' independent MCs, cut his teeth at the Project Blowed open mic workshop in LA's Leimert Park. But even in the 1990s, when Beck was a member of Global Phlowtations (along with Mikah-9, Sach, and a handful of others), and went by the handle Adlib, his sights were fixed on the future of music. His debut release, Vs., showcased his ability to both conjure maximal sonic impact with limited means, and his ability to write intricate rhymes and deliver them with an effortless flow (for a good example, check "The Spot" which features Sach). Since the late 1990s, however, Beck has focused much more on the production side of his skill set, releasing full-lengths under the monicker Adlib including Save Us, Experience Experiments, and Manipulator, as well as two full-lengths as Thavius Beck on Mush Records, 2004's Decomposition and 2006's Thru.

1. An Introduction To Rhythm
2. React (BYA Theme) Pt. I
3. The Newest Plot
4. Orbit
5. Life With Nyah
6. Grover's Eerie Story
7. The Endless Search For The Meaning Of Life
8. Lecture
9. London Is Lovely
10. Upsetting The Dragon
11. I Love Arabian Nights
12. Rainbows Around... (Remix)
13. 10/4/2009
14. Bright Red Vulgarity
15. Psycho Technology
16. I'm A Scientist
17. React (BYA Theme) Pt. II

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