Lost Love Stays Lost

Label: B.E.A.R.
Release Date: Feb-18-2003

in Subtitle's own words:

I have a very long story about this, and it's longer than any of the answers I've given in this interview which is also very long (laughs). But anyway, I'll give you guys a good version of the story. There was this young lady...Fuck it, she's not gonna read this! Although fate will have it that she probably will read it.

This actress Shannyn Sossamon from the States, she was in a few movies; the most prevalent one that you could see is "The Rules of Attraction", and everybody should go watch it, it's on DVD. We both worked at Aron's Records at the same time and, from the moment I saw her, I was amazed but I couldn't help but feel she looked familiar. She told me I knew her ex-boyfriend and she knew that I DJ-ed or something like that...She was the coolest girl I had ever seen. She looked beautiful (and she always looks beautiful) and she was this super-sick girl, she would fucking go and hang out in a gutter. One time, I remember she got in trouble because she was drunk and she threw a bottle at a car passing by and it broke the whole back window… But she was like "ok, I'll pay for it!". She's addicted to vinyl and listens to every kind of music and deejays… Who wouldn't like this woman?! And on top of all that, our birthdays are a day apart, to the year : October 2nd and 3rd (which is the reason why I talked about this date on "tell her to come overrrrr")...

At the time, I was living in this infamous 10-feet-by-8-feet rehearsal space and I was getting my teeth pulled out every three days...It was a messy situation but I was doing it all for records. I only wanted to make music. This room was small enough to be a closet and there were these big roaches walking in the room and crawling up my head while I was asleep. It was horrible. And she was only girl that would come and go hang out there with me. She'd bring a big expensive bottle of wine and I had this really flamboyant weed and we'd smoke and I just played all these crazy-ass songs. Then, she was gonna stay in my studio space because I was moving out of there and I started working at Amoeba making more money...What ended up happening was that, right after "Rules of Attraction" came out, around 2002, she ended up getting pregnant and she kept the baby. Me being a maniac living in a 10-by-8 room, I couldn't understand that so, while she was still down to hang out as ever, I knew she was going to do some other shit because she got pregnant by a dude she wasn't gonna see. It was not even intentional, it just happened, but she wanted to keep the baby. By me being mad at that, she was mad at me and we didn't talk for a year. And directly after that phone call, I lost my line and I went fucking insane! I tried to call her back and apologize because I was all being a dick-kind on the phone...but she didn't answer the phone. That shit drove me insane.

Lost Love Stays Lost is strictly about that: there are lost loves who stay lost, see you later...But I met her again, later on, at this crazy ass show...and she ended up naming her son Audio Science...We're friends now, we kick it and stuff. It's cool, we're both older. But Lost Love Stays Lost is about that. And if you look at your GSL I'm always recovering from tomorrow EP vinyl in the light, you'll see that there's like a crazy engraved dedication to her on the vinyl, like "For SS from ST, courtesy of GSL", because if it wasn't for Sonny Kay from GSL and Thavius and her, I probably wouldn't have made this record or walk around alive today. But lost love may be returned again, ladies and gentlemen. And if it stays lost, then find some more love, because if you live in France, there's girls everywhere!

1. Induction
2. Walkawayslow
3. Oh, I've Got Angst Alright
4. So What, 2003!
5. Stationary
6. Untightled
7. Short Drive/Long Walk
8. Lost2you
9. This Is For The [---]
10. Vash vs. Knives vs. Sub
11. Sub Hangover
12. Disk/00/Bloodbath
13. Track Me?

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