Fat Jack
Natural Hallucinogenics

Label: Fat Jack Recordings
Release Date: Sep-13-2005

Another classic rarity featuring smooth, yet raw compositions with guest appearances by all of the best: Abstract Rude, Medusa, Myka 9 and more. No need to eat those mushrooms, Natural Hallucinogenics will provide the effects and Fat Jack will be your Shaman.

1. Wonderful (feat. St. Mark 9:23)
2. Beyonder (feat. Fame)
3. Experiences (feat. Myka 9)
4. For HerÉ (feat. Josef Leimberg)
5. The Light (feat. Medusa)
6. Burn The Izm (feat. Myka 9)
7. Sanfranciscogreen
8. Bottom of the Barrel (feat. Abstract Rude)
9. Diva's Den (feat. Medusa & Koko)
10. 3rd Eye Vision (feat. Orpheus)
11. Shed A Lil' Light (feat. Abstract Rude)
12. Truth (feat. Fame)
13. A New World (feat. Abstract Rude)
14. Diva's Den

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