Die Young & Deeskee

Label: LA2TheBay
Release Date: Nov-16-2004

Ravish, as a concept album, is the perfect platform for Die Young (The Shapeshifters) to spit his unique style of rock ready gruff emcee vocals mixed with his vampire hunter persona in search of the living dead. This album was produced and written while watching a number of horror movie scenes from films that had no soundtrack to support the macabre action taking place during pivotal points of said films, ŅI studied the hell out of the placement and execution of incidental music and soundtrack music in films to figure out how the feel of each scene was dictated musically and I ran with that formula". Ravish becomes a realized concept alum in that each song is meant to play along with the movie scenes they were written for, as opposed to music being written as part of a soundtrack. The album also features strong appearances by Los Angeles heavyweights: 2mex, Busdriver, Akuma, Life-rexall, Existereo, AWOL One, and Xololanxinxo.

1. Intro
2. Dazed
3. White Oleander
4. Disappear (feat. 2Mex & Busdriver)
5. Ravish
6. Chain Letter (feat. Akuma & Life Rexall)
7. Run Into The Sun
8. Ghostwriters (feat. AWOL One & Existereo)
9. Vampire Hunter
10. Hemoglobin
11. Carnival (feat. Xololanxinxo)
12. All Of Me (Remix)
13. Outro

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