Blacklight Sessions

Label: LA2TheBay
Release Date: Jul-01-2003

"Without food for thought, I'm just Malnourished."

Representative of Deeskee's versatility of flow,the pace of each song in Blacklight Sessions is varied and engaging. The album is a definite pursuit of a more traditional rap style in which most tracks provide thought-provoking lines that spill smoothly over a mellow beat characteristic of the oughts of this century. Though not the most experimental of Deeskee's albums, Blacklight Sessions displays Deeskee's talents as both a producer and a rapper simultaneously and is one to add to your collection.

1. Live In Moss Beach (feat. Sole, 2Mex, Life Rexall, Dr. Lewdy, Maleko, Subtitle & Joe Dub)
2. Paper Mic and Ink (feat. Nonalm & Tommy V)
3. The Dream (feat. Neila)
4. Deanna (feat. AWOL One & Aceyalone)
5. Run Into The Sun (feat. Die Young)
6. Suicide Bombers (feat. Zez One, Eyecue, Rashinel & Dave Dub)
7. Electric City (feat. Longevity)
8. Borrowed Material (feat. Xololanxinxo & Busdriver)
9. Eyeball Kid (feat. Existereo & Gel Roc)
10. Horror Movie (feat. Raj & Space Ranger)

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