Music By The Hour

Label: LA2TheBay
Release Date: Sep-28-2004

Without rap vocals this time round, Deeskee shows that he can hold his own with his discreet ambient-glitch licks and experimental jazz solos.

Featuring a myriad of acoustic instruments, Deeskee serves up a relaxed album with a more rustic feel. The drums have a more emphatic kick and the guitar will tug at your heartstrings. Like ink drawn to a page, distant sampled vocals draw your mind back to distant memories. If musically you seek opportunities for thought-provocation, this is your album.

1. Sylvia Royale (Instrumental)
2. All Of Me (Instrumental)
3. White Oleander (Instrumental)
4. Electric City (Instrumental)
5. Copyright 2000 (Instrumental)
6. Boarded Windows (Instrumental)
7. Run Into The Sun (Instrumental)
8. Naybody (Instrumental)
9. Objects (Instrumental)
10. Amad Zaire Nagosh (Instrumental)
11. Narina J Anderson (Instrumental)
12. Gradual Suicide (Instrumental)
13. The Dream (Instrumental)
14. Unhuman (Instrumental)
15. Suicide Bombers (Instrumental)
16. Clock Murderer (Instrumental)
17. Borrowed Material (Instrumental)

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