Crush Groove

Label: Dead Guy Records
Release Date: Apr-06-2004

Existereo spins romanticized tales of junkies, hookers, grifters, and other assorted lowlifes in a neo-beat, Bukowski-meets-Burroughs vein. Literary shit. Good shit. Features include Innaspace, Awol, the League, Biru, West Coast Work Force, and others. Produced by: Daddy Kev, Mascaria, Deeskee, Liferexall, M Fusion, Innaspace (WhyKnows), Longevity, KDT, and Subtitle.

1. The Funkiestereo
2. Legwarmers
3. Above The Sea (feat. Innaspace)
4. Who You Rocking For
5. Cautious Thunder
6. All About The Rhyme
7. Same Breath (feat. WhyKnows)
8. Car Thief
9. Work Related
10. Eyeball Kid (feat. Gel Roc)
11. No Class (feat. Mickey Avalon)
12. Pinpoint
13. Rhyme Time (Deeskee Remix)
14. I Get So Scared
15. Good For Nothing (feat. Innaspace & Biru)
16. Burial Stomp

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